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Chimney Leak Repair Experts in New Jersey

NJ Chimney repair experts from flashing to chimney cap installation We are experts in repairing damaged or leaking chimneys in New Jersey since 1955. We work on brick, concrete block, cinderblock, vinyl siding over wood frame and wood siding over wood frame chimneys.

Chimney leaks that go unchecked cause rot and damage surrounding areas of your home. We will make sure your chimney is repaired and waterproofed so you will not have to worry anymore.

Our NJ Chimney Repair Services:

  • Step flashing
  • Roof shingles
  • Point up mortar in loose bricks
  • Stucco over brick or block
  • Fix wood or vinyl siding
  • Chimney cap installation
  • Cricket construction or repair
  • TV Antenna removal & repair
  • Damaging Ivy removal
  • Rusted metal caps sanded and painted.

We install chimney caps on most chimneys. Chimney caps help keep water and animals out of the top of the chimney. Chimney caps can be aluminum or galvanized steel. If needed, we can build or fix a cricket behind a chimney. A cricket is a triangle shape to divert water from behind a chimney.

Photos of Chimney Repair work we've done in NJ

Chimney flashing and leak repair in central nj

See more chimney repair photo examples in New Jersey by John Asch:

We also remove harmful TV antennas off chimneys. We can also remove growing Ivy off a chimney, which causes damage. Many newer homes and town houses have a flat metal cap on top of a vinyl sided chimney. After a number of years you will see it rusting over the edge. This must be stopped before it rusts right thru and leaks. We can use Emory cloth on the chimney cap to remove most of the rust, and then paint the chimney. 

There are a lot of factors that go into the repair of your chimney. We repair chimney exteriors, not interior chimney work. Feel free to call me at (732) 238-9917 to go over what chimney questions you may have in more detail.

Chimney damage from TV Antenna

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